Corporate Communications

excalibur We ARE THE SHOW MOCKup + WALL

A mock-up and installed version of a back-of-house wall, located near the Excalibur employee entrance to welcome them as they start their day. The artwork measures 211" long x 60" high. Artwork incorporates the Company’s We Are the SHOW branding. A version of this wall has been installed at most properties, incorporating imagery specific to the property.

MGM Grand 25th Anniversary mural

In honor of MGM Grand’s 25th anniversary, a vinyl wall wrap was created and displayed in the Employee Dining Room. The piece was created in collaboration with MGM Grand’s Human Resources department. The left side features an 84” x 60” mural composed of all of the property’s Day-One employees.


SHOWcase Team Update + Sidebars

Recently, I redesigned the company-wide Team Update newsletter. Every morning, managers use THE SHOWcase as a tool to inform their team members about news and events happening in the company. Each week, the WE ARE THE SHOW sidebar features new content with a message on how to continue providing great guest service. All employee photos were taken by me, on location. 

Luxor 20th Anniversary Back of House Installation

For Luxor’s 20th anniversary, a set of 5 panels was installed near their Employee Dining Room, highlighting their historic significance on the Las Vegas Strip. Each panel measures 50” x 33”, was printed on acrylic and mounted the wall via standoffs.

printed and digital visual COMMUNICATIONS

A series of eblasts, posters, printed and digital materials distributed to all employees, informing them of venue openings, events, employee news and more. Signage I have worked on includes simple eblasts, large posters, digital displays and content for MGM Resorts’ employee app.

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