Hello! If you've found this little corner of the internet, welcome! This is my portfolio, my pride and joy and a curation of some of my very favorite pieces of work, from photography, to design, journal entries and maybe even some physically made pieces.

If you take anything from this portfolio, its that deep down, in the core of my being as a designer and creative, design, any type of design, should be an adventure; an adventure for the client and one just as much for the creator as well. Its through every project that I learn more, its the ups and downs and swerves that make designing a thrill ride that I simply cannot resist. I never would have anticipated how great it feels to discover something new about the craft or learning something about myself when I started diving into Adobe Photoshop CS3 as a high school sophomore. In the end, it is those feelings and that adventure that motivate and inspire me as a creative. It's an adventure that I hope to share with others that want to pursue this path or those that just have an appreciate for graphic design and photography like I do.

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