Training for the Best

The Nuts and Bolts Seminar is an event focused on providing unique nutritional information and a chance to experience innovative workout techniques. The seminar is designed to change the way a person lives a healthy lifestyle and take their fitness to another level. To develop a logo and branding, the identity needs to be bold, just like the trainers presenting the course, and as exciting as the information they had to share. Playing off the "bolt" in nuts and bolts, I saw its hexagonal shape as a great basis for a logo, and orange and a dark gray as a unique color scheme to grab attention amidst the other fliers on a gym lobby desk.  



Spreading the Word

To gather interest and let others know about the upcoming seminar, a few promotional materials were created. A 4"x6" postcard flier was built, as well as a matching flier that was shared around instagram, facebook, twitter and other social medias.

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