The Pass Concept

The below is a concept for a start-up business, intended to demonstrate logo design, branding, marketing and presentation.
This project is purely fictional.

Pass Header.jpg

Introducing The Pass

The Pass is a concept for a modern day system of high speed trains that run through the southwest, primarily linking several Southern California suburbs with stations dotted across Las Vegas. The demographic consists of young professionals from 25-60, but is accessible to families, tourists, and those that may work on either side of the state-line.


Developing a Brand

The first step in this project was developing a name and tagline for the brand.  The concept, design, and focus needed to be solid. Names were thrown around. "The Rails?" "Sounds too nightclub-y." "Xpedition?" "Alright. Kind of generic." "Entrada?" "Too...different..." "Express Southwest?!" Doesn't that exist already? (Yes...yes it does). And then, finally, "The Pass. Get Moving." The evolution of the logo follows:

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Print Materials

The next challenge in creating this brand was starting to expand the identity behind the logo and tagline; to develop the company's look, style, characteristics and personality. This would start by creating stationary, an envelope and a business card. After some work and discovery, the final result provided a great direction I was pleased with.

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Wayfinding materials are items (most commonly signs or maps) people would use to navigate a space. For The Pass train station, several materials needed to be created, including signs around the city to direct travelers to the station and inside the train to guide them to points of interest. Now that I knew what kind of characteristics defined The Pass, creating wayfinding materials was a fun task to strengthen the identity.

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The latest addition to The Pass came in the form of print collateral, including tickets, and informational brochures to entice people into purchasing standard or special pricing plans. The Pass offers two plans; a regular one-day ticket that passengers would buy for occasional trips between the ports, and another exclusive pass for frequent travelers. The difference would be seen in ticket colors and members would carry a special card with them. Below are the brochures with the ticket designs inside.

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Website and Advertisement

And the final piece to The Pass (for now at least...) was the mock-up of the website's homepage and a magazine advertisement. For the website, the intention was to have all of a traveler's information, weather, train statuses, and the ability to buy tickets be seen immediately at once. The direction for the advertisement (presented here as a spread) was to focus on the destination; that you can go here on our train.